Blog Summit Day 2

Another fun day of being with fellow bloggers 🙂 I was thinking about listing the ones that I met and then I realized that if I did that, I’d certainly leave someone out and I don’t want to do that. There was actually one person that I met – Tucker – whose last name I never got nor do I recall what blog he writes but I want to thank him for the hospitality he showed last night to us “lefty” bloggers who crashed his “rightie” blogger party 😆

I see from I’m Not Emeril that they actually planned for us to crash the party. Hmm – mayber I should take back my thanks?

The workshops were a lot of fun and informative. Interestingly enough, the two I attended today – Ethics & Blogging and Blogging & Journalism – both started with the same question: are bloggers journalists? There was no consensus on this. This is a question I’d like to explore more.

Another thing that stuck with me today was the question of what would happen if bloggers didn’t have the MSM to draw stories from for a week. Would we be able to generate our own content? I see this as a challenge to me as a blogger so this is something else I’d like to explore.

Once I get my pictures out of my camera, I’ll post some or perhaps add them to Waldo’s Flicker set (if I can figure out how to).

I see that some of the other participants have posts up regarding their experience at the conference: Waldo, OMT, Va Progressive, Commonwealth Commonsense, Blue Dog, and Honesty Counts. If all of the conferees are as tired as I am (I won’t bore you with how long it took me to get home – can we get some transportation money – please?), they are getting some rest with more to come tomorrow.

UPDATE: I missed including the post on the conference from CatHouse Chat.

UPDATE 2: Here’s another – a post from ChangeServant.

UPDATE 3: Blogger Delegates Brink and Amundson have their thoughts up over at Extra Innings.

8 thoughts on “Blog Summit Day 2

  1. Hey, Vivian – glad you got home safely, even if not as conveniently as you wanted. Me, I’m very much the Point “A” – Point “B” … Get the heck outta my way! type driver (Well, not that bad… but close 😉 )

    I’ve got my first post up – kinda long and who-I-met driven, but I’m planning on doing one or two more, um, thoughtful posts tomorrow or later in the week.

    Here’s the link

    And I wanted to say again that it was great to meet you – next time my Beloved Hubby is in Norfolk on business, I’ll have to see if we can do lunch or something!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Vivian!

    — R’cat

  2. Heh, no reason you would’ve seen it: I’ve been going over the attendees’ blogs like a fungus tonight (ugh! Where the heck do I get such unpleasant metaphors?) because I’m still hyped. Oh, and I fixed my error with the VAB/Norfolk misplacement.

    See? My memory isn’t that good! 😉

    — R’cat

  3. Vivian, you’re a trip. I’m awfully glad you came. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to wait a year to see you again. Y’all got to hold an informal blogger gathering for Hampton Roads area bloggers, and some of us from the rest of the state can come visit. (As J.R. suggested about a month ago.) I’ll bring cole slaw.

  4. In case it wasn’t evident 🙂 I had a great time. You’re right – perhaps the HR bloggers can get together and do something & invite all you guys.

  5. I am late again, as usual. If I didn’t work in the gardens, there wouldn’t be any homemade V8 juice, or salsa, or pizza sauce, etc. I’ll send some pictures one of these days.

    It’s hard to fit it all in. I am especially working for that vacation starting July first in NC. Waldo is right. You are a trip.

    I want to continue our discussions that we started at the Biltmore last Friday night. Important stuff that I need a better perspective on.

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