Time, money, people

Successful campaign = time + money + people

I’ve been wanting to write a post about this for a while. Unfortunately, time is something that is pretty scarce around here, with the 15th of the month deadlines I have each month. So this brief post will have to do.

Time – the candidate has to put the time in. There is someplace to be almost every hour of every day. Be there. Last year, I was doing 21-hour days.

Money – without money, the campaign has no way to get out its message.

People – this is a critical part. All campaigns need volunteers – for phone banking, canvassing, delivering signs, stuffing envelopes – you name it.

So where do you fit in? If you have the money, donate. No amount is too small. The candidate will be grateful. If you have no money, I’ll bet you have time. Call or stop by the campaign offices and see how you can help.

52 days to go. How have you helped your candidate today?