Saturday quickies

This turned out to be longer than I thought it would be 🙄 Included are my thought on these issues:

  • Foley resigns
  • Attempts to reinstate partner of Norfolk cop
  • More polls
  • Kaine business plan
  • Kellam v Drake
  • Equality Loudon on legal contracts

Foley resigns

The sanitzed AP version of the story on Mark Foley (R-FL) is available here. ABC has posted has posted the some of the offending text messages.

This is a classic case of a fox in a hen house. Foley worked on such issues as protections for children against sexual predators and served as co-chair of the Missing and Exploited Children Caucus. The fact that the Congressional leadership knew about this behavior and did nothing is despicable. Guess they were too busy trying to deny two consenting adults the right to marry than protecting the vulnerable children.

Attempts to reinstate partner of Norfolk cop

The police union chief is trying to get Seneca Darden’spartner reinstated. Darden was killed by a fellow officer. His partner, Jason Canfield, was still in his probationary period and was terminated just before it ended, supposedly because he was less than candid with his answers immediately after the incident.

I say give the kid a break. His partner died in his arms, he was subject to an intense interrogation over a long period of time immediately after the incident. And, he did the right thing and told the whole truth to the State Police investigators. Norfolk doesn’t have so many police officers that we can afford to toss away the resources spent on training them.

More polls

Although it wasn’t supposed to be released until Monday, the latest Mason-Dixon poll on the Virginia Senate race got leaked yesterday. The poll shows the race tied at 43% each for Allen and Webb, with 12% undecided. The SurveyUSA poll released yesterday shows Allen ahead 50% to 44%. Both polls have a margin of error of +/- 4%.

Which one is more accurate? Who knows. The race is close. And, as I’ve said before, I don’t put much stock in polls. The only one that matters is the one on Election Day.

Kaine business plan

Governor Tim Kaine released details yesterday of an economic development plan for the Commonwealth that is designed to keep us competitive in attracting businesses to the state.

Good luck, Governor. I think you have some challenges. With the General Assembly failing to adopt a transportation plan and the concern in the business community about the Marshall Newman Amendment, it is going to be difficult to get new businesses to come here.

Kellam v Drake

Like the Senate race, the 2nd Congressional District race has gotten quite negative. As I was watching the 11:00 news last night, I saw a series of ads from both candidates (or on behalf of both candidates), not a single one of them positive. Issues? No where to be seen. If the objective is to turn off the voters, I think both candidates are achieving that goal. Ah, how I long for the days when candidates went on TV to tell us why we should vote for them and not just against their opponent. Are those days gone forever?

The latest in the ongoing saga of the 2nd District race is Kellam’s apology in the 1978 assault case. The story, including a copy of the document, first appeared on Bearing Drift. I’m told that the story has been floating around for sometime now and that the MSM had investigated and found what Jim ending up posting yesterday. A few points here:

  • I am reminded of what Michael Shear and other journalists said at the Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville that the difference between bloggers and journalists is that journalists have editors. We bloggers would do well to find a fellow blogger or two that we trust to run these kind of stories by before we post them.
  • Shame on the MSM for using BD to do what they wouldn’t do themselves. On the one hand, they want to dismiss bloggers as not being journalists but when it is convenient to use them, they will.
  • I’ve read posts that Kellam “got off” because of his family connections. As one of my conservative Republican friends told me yesterday, this is absolute BS. Anybody with a misdemeanor charge like this with no prior criminal history would get the same treatment. And no, I’m not going to go out and get arrested to prove the point 😉
  • Kudos to Jim Hoeft for being the standup guy I always thought he was (except that he still owes me an apology for this post).

Equality Loudon on legal contracts

Head over and check out this post on the chilling effects of “legal contracts” in an actual reported case. The reality is that the Marshall Newman amendment puts into the hands of judges the interpretation of it, forcing them to be activist judges – the very thing amendment supporters are trying to avoid. There is only one way to avoid this: Vote NO.

10 thoughts on “Saturday quickies

  1. Vivian, you are absolutely right. Republican Mark Foley is dispicable, along with the Republicians in leadership positions! As another “Gay American”, I am outraged. Jack up the jail and put Foley under it! A pox on the Republican leadership “gang” who knew about these activities for over a year ago and did NOTHING, except keeping it under wraps. What a fine example of Republican leadership. And these are the same ones who ask us to trust them! Let’s see them all huff up and act so self-rightness like they all did during Bill Clintons impeachment trial. And what about a reaction from the Christian right. I can’t wait until I hear their “spin” on this. I’ve been watching TV all day and not a peep about this incident has been reported. Not a word on any of the major stations,
    fox News, or radio shows. Where’s Rush. No dittos! Speak a little louder Revs. Pat and Jerry. You silence is deafening… Any other current events topic concerning gays and we’d have to beat all of you off the airwaves! What legal ramifications does Foley face? Even one of those “liberal” judges wouldn’t help now…

  2. Vivian darling,
    At the time Jim wrote that piece I had met Tom Moss and thought him to be a perfectly good Democratic candidate. Alas, I had not yet met you. Like Jim I must be man enough to apologize for my comment also.

  3. Jim & Alton – thanks.

    There is a lesson here, guys: don’t stand on the outside looking in and think you have all the information. Just as there was more to the Kellam story, there was a heck of a lot more to the Moss story than ever appeared anywhere.

  4. I know nothing about your past in politics, but I sure do enjoy your blog. Quite fair and balanced without all the acrimony I see elsewhere. Kudos.

  5. Where is the outrage? The “family values” republicans did nothing to protect other children working on the Hill from this pervert. They didn’t notify the democrats, they didn’t notify the Ethics Committee. They just worked together to cover it up.

    All they care about is clinging to power. They even allowed Foley to continue as Chair of the Missing and Exploited Children Caucus.

    Shame. I agree with Republican congressman Peter King: All the republican leadership who knew about this outrage should also resign. Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick

  6. We bloggers would do well to find a fellow blogger or two that we trust to run these kind of stories by before we post them.

    That is actually a really good thing to do. Kristen and I have run posts past Waldo once or twice, when the two of us can’t decide to run it or not, ’cause he answers his email really quickly and we trust his opinion on blog ethics. Not to say anything about YOU, Vivian! We can’t use Waldo all the time, who knows, maybe you will be the next recipient of a “So, is this too hot for the blogosphere?” email?

  7. I run stuff by Lowell quite often. He’s also pretty quick with a reply. I used to run things by Waldo when I was launching Loudoun crusades. I’d like to think I could run things by Ben as well.

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