Webb Rally Norfolk

Some photos from this morning’s rally in Norfolk. Lots of folks in attendance.

Webb Rally Mayors

Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim and Virginia Beach Mayor Meyera Oberndorf before the start of the rally. Note that both are wearing Vote NO stickers. I gave Fraim one when I first came in. After they went on stage, Fraim came & asked me if I had another sticker. By that time, I had given out every one I had – save the one on my shirt. I peeled it off and handed it to him. He put it on Oberndorf 🙂

Webb Rally Repub

I spotted this sign shortly after coming in. The holder was the son of the voter, a very tall man who didn’t want the sign blocking the view of others. I didn’t catch his name, but I did ask him to shoot me an email with his reasons for voting for Webb. I’ll publish it if I get it. He said he had sent a letter to the Pilot but it hasn’t been published yet.

3rd District Congressman Bobby Scott acted as MC. We heard from 1st District challenger Shawn O’Donnell and 2nd District challenger Phil Kellam.

Webb Ralley Warner

Former governor Mark Warner promised us that he has another race in him. He reminded us that some of us were with him the first time he ran – the Mark not John campaign. (I remember it well.) He had a great time introducing the current governor and joked how they were in law school together. Kaine became a lawyer and Warner became a client.

Webb Rally Kaine

His Excellency, the 70th Governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine.

Webb Rally Webb reads polls results

Jim Webb was provided the results of the SurveyUSA poll after he went on stage. I watched as he was handed the results. He folded up the piece of paper and put it in his pocket. In his speech, he pulled it out and read it to the crowd.

Webb Rally crowd

The response to the poll results. People were ecstatic!

Webb rally boot

Webb says little about his son, Jimmy, who is serving in Iraq. He even appeared to tear up just a little when Mark Warner mentioned him. But wearing Jimmy’s boots is a constant reminder to all of us why Webb is really in this race.

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