OTR: 01/21/07

This Sunday’s On the Record features Virginia Beach Planning Director Bob Scott, who assumed that role in 1975 and is retiring next week. The segment looks at the growth of the city and the region over that period of time and what lies ahead for his successor.

Also on tap is a discussion of this winter’s weather.

In his My Minute segment, Rubin will talk about the transportation plan and the disservice it is doing to the region.

Catch OTR on Sunday at 10:30am on WVEC channel 13. If you miss the airing, it will be available on the website on Monday.

2 thoughts on “OTR: 01/21/07

  1. Isn’t funny how those who’ve talked the loudest about transportation change their tune when developers have to chip in, too?

    For years they’ve said transportation’s a crisis that must be solved immediately.

    Fund part of it with a commercial real estate tax, and they suddenly say “crisis….what crisis?”

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