Would you pay $335,000 for this?

Small apt

“It is an investment,” says Andre Scott, a real estate agent who is selling this 77-square-foot apartment in central London for $335,000.
Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis/The Associated Press

Talk about expensive real estate! And the studio has no electricity or heating.

Back in my college days, a friend of mine lived in an apartment in the building next to the one I lived in that had no heat. Since my apartment had an abundance of hot water, we ran a hose from mine to hers, dumping hot water into her bathtub, providing her some heat.

Even though that was in Ghent, I doubt anyone would have paid $335,000 for such a unit.

2 thoughts on “Would you pay $335,000 for this?

  1. Geez. What I would give to have $335,000 to be able to buy my first home, and this guy is charging that much for 77 square feet?

    Then again, I guess I should consider myself lucky that housing is not that expensive here in Virginia (and housing is certainly expensive in Northern Virginia).

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