WordPress now has New Blogger import

No need to stay with the New Blogger any more. WordPress.com now allows importing of your blog here.

Come on in! The water’s warm 😉

10 thoughts on “WordPress now has New Blogger import

  1. Wow. This brings back some memories. My first blog was through Blogger back in June 2002. Then I painfully switched to one of the earlier, labor intensive MovableType installs that makes you pull your hair out. The first time I installed WordPress a few years later, I was shocked at the ease of installation and the simple importation of my complicated MT data. While, I no longer use WordPress to run my websites (needed a full-fledged CMS later for much more than blogging – Joomla), I highly recommend WordPress for bloggers in need of a easy to use, options rich blogging tool.

    As far as I can tell, there is no better blogging software available than WordPress.

  2. And while I’ve been with clients all day, you guys have been enjoying one of the neat features in WP: postdated posts 😉 I wrote a few last night, including this one, and timed them to publish at various times today.

    Glad to hear that the import function works.

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