And then there were three

Last Saturday, Republicans and Democrats held their nominating conventions remaining 1st Congressional District term of Jo Ann Davis. In short order, the Democrats nominated Phil Forgit. After a number of ballots, the Republicans nominated Rob Wittman (I don’t see that he has a campaign website set up, but his bio can be read here.)

As Bryan Scrafford reported yesterday, a third candidate for the seat has emerged: Lucky R. Narain. The Daily Press has a little more information on this candidate:

Lucky R. Narain, 28, of Yorktown, describes himself as a “conservative independent,” and on Tuesday he filed nominating petitions with the State Board of Elections.


Narain went to Tabb High School and graduated from Christopher Newport University.

He received a master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University and studied law at Fordham University.

He also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic.

He currently works as a grant writer.

Assuming his signatures are valid, we now have three candidates in this extremely short race. Narain faces a much steeper hill than the other two, which is why I find his entry into the race curious.


On a related note – I’ve been thinking about what the process would be to fill Wittman’s seat should he manage to win the election. (Not predicting, mind you, just looking ahead.) A special election would be necessary, right? But with the 60-day blackout period required prior to a general or primary election, plus the 30 days that the poll books have to be closed, are we looking at mid-March before the election could be held?

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  1. Personally I think Wittman (or any delegate/senator) seeking the nomination should have resigned his seat in order to seek the nomination precisely for that reason; we could have filled those seats with special elections at the same time we sought to fill Jo Ann Davis’ empty seat. Instead he’s going to leave his constiuents without any representation in the House of Delegates for the first several months of the year. It’s more than a little disgraceful.

  2. Of course you are assuming that Whitman was representing any of those folks in the first place! I think having nobody, will prove every bit as effective as Whitman has been.

    As for the Libertarian/Indy Mr. Narain, we all know that he is in the race to split the conservative vote, and that is OK with me, but it would be nice to see someone in the blogosphere just come out and admit it.

    I hope lots of the shotgun-toting bubbas vote for Mr. Narain. It would be great fun if Lucky actually won the three way race! My prediction: If Lucky stays Independent, he polls about six per cent. If Lucky gets the Libertarian Party endorsement, he will poll twenty-two per cent.

    If Whitman is discovered to be be the bible-thumping darling of the Religious Reich, that he is, rather than the so-called moderate that he is being marketed as, then Lucky might get into the magical range of thirty per cent or more. If Lucky pulls this off, it will be a victory for the record books.

    No matter what, having Lucky in the race surely must make Phil Forgit a very happy fellow, for now. Democrats should offer to do lit-drops for Lucky in the bubbaville precincts!

  3. I would sure love to see Albert Pollard go for his seat in the House again. I think he’d do very well, and he’d win. I sure hope he gives it a shot. Heck, I’d even head down 95 & 17 to help out!

  4. I think when “conservatives” see that Wittman voted FOR HB3202 and went so far as to write editorials for the local newspaper in support and defense of the Abusive Driver Fee’s, that the Democrat is going to be looking a lot better.

    This seat could easily be won by the Democrat, if he can get his message out to “conservatives” in the district. Wittman has some real problem as noted by others with his tenure in Westmoreland County and the ADA violation plus his uncomfortable relationship with industries he’s supposed to be regulating.

    I sometimes wonder why Republicans will pick the absolute WORST candidate to run for a job like this.

    Virginia is neither a “blue” or “red” state. It is a CONSERVATIVE state and the party that forgets (or is it Forgit’s?) it, will lose!

  5. Dan:

    If you drive around and meet the people in the First District, you find a ton of Ron Paul supporters, many of whom are current and former Libertarians. For example, the town of Gloucester, Virginia is populated mostly by aging hippies who never gave up their pot habits, so they just love the Libertarian Party’s commitment to ending the drug war. Many of those who live in other parts of the District really like the Libertarian ideals that will get the government off of their backs and out of their lives, so having the Libertarian endorsement would almost guarantee that Lucky gets into double digits.

    Over on the Southside, nearly unknown Dr. Tabor got about thirty per cent of the vote as a Libertarian.

    In a two way race, Libertarians sometimes get 20%. In a three way race in a conservative district, a Libertarian endorsed candidate could easily reach the thirty-something range, especially against a wild-eyed zealot from the Religious Reich, like Whitman.

    Even if Lucky is running just to take a bite out of the conservative base to aid Phil Forgit, he won’t have enough of an impact if he doesn’t lure the Libertarians to join his fight. This would work out for the Libertarians, since they need candidates who can just get their message out and help recruit people to join their small but growing numbers. For Lucky to help Forgit, or even hope for his own win, he can’t just be an independent, since polling 6% would not take enough away from Whitless.

    From what I observed, the Religious Reich gamed the R-convention to get Whitman the nod, including a last minute email smear campaign against front-runner, Jost. That very un-Christian behavior by the Religious Reich, has left many Republicans feeling pretty nasty about their nominee and perhaps inclined to vote for Lucky, in protest.

    Lucky Narain will, if nothing else, make this a much more interesting race. I hope everyone will send him a donation to help his nascent campaign along. He’s definitely the best looking candidate 🙂

  6. I had the pleasure of working with Lucky a few years ago, and he’s a genuinely nice guy. He has three qualities i consider very good in any politician or popular representative – willingness to listen, to learn, and to lead. We’ve fallen out of touch and i’m not as familiar with his politics, but i was quite excited when i heard he was considering running, and i’m glad to see he made it on the ballot. I look forward to renewing an old friendship and finding out his take on our current issues.

  7. Hello everyone. We offcially announced my candidacy yesterday at the Newport News Shipyard. It was picked up by WavyTV-10, the Daily Press, and the Fredericksburg Star. The campaign website is live and is located at Our team is currently engaged in talks with members of the libertarian party and we look forward to securing an endorsement. Wittman’s support of the Abusive Driver fee is not the type of representation we deserve in Congress. Supporting this initiative is not justice – it is highway robbery. To make a person – who drives 20 miles over the speed limit – pay $700 to $2,000 in addition to other mandated penalties to fund transportation projects is not responsible or thoughtful respresentation. It is a display of a person who does not embody compassion and it is a sign of the type of leadership he will provide in the future. I don’t stand for it.

    I’ve lived in a wood house with a tin roof – at times with no water and electricity while serving my country in the U.S. Peace Corps in a small border town next to Haiti. I know what it means to be compassionate. I’ve served in the U.S. Army Reserves, I know how to complete a mission and know to never leave a fallen soldier behind. The abusive driver fee equal to leaving our fellow citizens behind. You deserve better leadership. You deserve Lucky – for Congress.

    Jermey, thank you for the post. Clairese, thank you for the compliment. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I look forward to communicating more with you. I can be reached at

  8. Lucky is the Independent Greens of Virginia’s endorsed candidate promoting “More Trains, Less Traffic”. Cut dependence on foreign oil by building high speed rail in the interstate corridor.

    Get Lucky. Vote Lucky. Lucky rocks!

  9. I think that there is a lot of misrepresentation in Narain’s candidacy. Please clear things up if I’m mistaken–First, I think it’s strange to put your law career as a past tense, and a job writing grants in the present tense. As far as I know, you are actually still in law school, and there seems to be a fudge factor. I also am wondering about your “service” in the armed forces. Did you actually serve, as you are currently in the army RESERVES? I can’t seem to find a record of you having been in Iraq or any other deployment. Please clear things up, as I already see you as the perfect candidate– perhaps with too much politics and too little substance.

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