Philip Forgit Live Blog Friday 3:30pm

Philip Forgit, Democratic candidate in the 1st Congressional District, will live blog here Friday at 3:30pm.

Tuesday evening, Philip received the endorsement of 6th district Senator-elect Ralph Northam. At a campaign rally in Blakes, Northam called on the supporters present–as well as the hundreds who made his recent victory possible in a formerly Republican district–to do all they could to support Forgit in his bid for the Virginia First District Special Election on December 11.

“I am proud to support Philip Forgit for Congress because he has shown throughout his life a true commitment to serving his community,” said Dr. Northam. “As father and a pediatric neurologist, I support Philip because of his experience teaching in our schools. I know he understands what our children and our teachers need to succeed in the classroom.

“As a veteran who treated soldiers during Desert Storm, I support Philip because I know that he understands the problems we are facing in Iraq and knows what our veterans need when they come home,” Dr. Northam continued. “We would all benefit by sending an honest public servant like Philip to Washington to represent our values.”

US Senate candidate Mark Warner also endorsed Philip. From his website:

On December 11, voters in the First Congressional District will be asked to fill the seat of the late Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis. Philip Forgit is the the best person to fill that job.

Leave your questions for Philip in this thread. Political Blogger Alliance

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40 thoughts on “Philip Forgit Live Blog Friday 3:30pm

  1. I have to say that I’m rather disappointed not to receive an answer to my question. Although I’ll admit that it’s not too big a deal since he isn’t going get elected.

  2. Brian,

    I emailed Lucky Narain my question and he got back to me. I’m not too big a fan of all his policies but he’s actually coming off as though he’s got his own ideas, not just a rubber stamp for either side.

    Interesting enough for me to consider voting for him anyway.

    – TG.

  3. Of course, what Lucky Narain or Philip Forgit thinks about the group v. individual nature of the Second Amendment doesn’t really matter. The Supreme Court’s answering that question next year, and that will be that.

  4. I dunno. I’m just a lowly transactional/regulatory lawyer, so I don’t know much about anything. But the standing and jurisdictional issues seem pretty neatly tied up, here. I think they’ll actually get to the substance of the matter. Could be wrong. But I don’t think so.

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