Republicans chose Paul

According to this report, Ron Paul was the winner of a straw poll at this weekend’s Virginia Republican Advance.

The Texas congressman got 182 of the 479 ballots cast, or 38 percent. Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson finished second with 112 votes, with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee third with 51.


Mitt Romney got 43 votes, Sen. John McCain got 23, California congressman Duncan Hunter got 19 and Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo finished with four votes.

The Paul supporters packed the gathering. So, I guess we can throw those votes out. But – where are the votes for Rudy Guiliani? Surely at least one person voted for him.

UPDATE: Rick Sincere reports slightly different numbers (Romney with 45, Guiliani with 43). I trust Rick’s 😉

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  1. Wait, he wants to bring back the letter of marque?! REALLY?! After the colonial wars ended in the 16th century, the sudden unemployment of thousands of mariners around the world who had known nothing their professional lives but the taking of ships created a Golden Age of Piracy (which in turn was what finally forced the European powers to invest in a standing navy to hunt down and take, sink or burn the pirates because there weren’t any privateers left to do it).

    He was mildly interesting before but the Letter of Marque thing is what made up my mind for me. You can’t *possibly* claim you have the slightest understanding of economics if you’re going to advocate returning to a policy that created criminals, you can’t *possibly* claim your serious about security on the high seas if you’re going to let Blackwater slip moorings in their shiny new submarines or guided missile cruisers or whatever the frig you think is going to allow them to not get obliterated off the coast of Iran, and you can’t possibly claim your a rational or even sane if you manage to accomplish both catastrophes with a single defense policy.

  2. He doesn’t actually want to bring back letters of marque. He was making a point that by scaring us with one perceived threat after another, the politicians have maintained a standing army for over 125 years, without amending the constitution to permit it. And that if they didn’t have a standing army to send to all corners of the world on any whim, well…they wouldn’t.

    His point was that every time we accept pragmatism over principle, it gets easier for the politicians to ignore the constitution that is supposed to restrict them. If you don’t like the letters of marque example, consider the series of misleading arguments and false debates that have been used to slowly erode our 2nd Amendment rights. Is that any more real to you?

  3. Viv, you should have been there and seen the look on John Hager’s face when he read the result and the crowd cheered wildly with approval of Ron Paul’s victory. Or, the look on Jim Gilmore’s face when the crowd of Paulistinians booed him when he tried to promote more war-mongering. Or, the look on George Allen and Bob McDonnell’s face when the Paulistininans politely stood quietly until Allen mentioned Fred Thompson’s nothing campaign and the crowd burst into chants of Ron Paul and laughter at Old Fred Thomson.

    I see the Paulistinians as the sort of Republicans that even Democrats can work with. It is really easy to see where they are coming from. They want the government to shut the F*CK up and leave us alone. If something is in the Constitution, they will support it, if not, either get a Constitutional amendment or plan on their opposition. The Paulistinians’ approach to governance will be at odds with the Democrats on some of the big government programs, but there is lots of common ground on infrastructure, and especially the part about no more undeclared wars and a more diplomatic oriented foreign policy.

    It is moot to predict if Ron Paul will be the nominee, since the question will be answered in a matter of eight weeks or less. The real interesting part of this story to me is what will the Paulistinians do afterward? It appears that one wing of the GOP is feverishly trying to pooh any recognition of the thousands of Paulistinians in Virginia, while a few of the top leaders (I think one is Bolling) are working behind the scenes to sign these Paulistinians up with their local Republican Committees as fast s possible. If the later strategy is carried to fruition, the Paulistinians could cause a major course change by the GOP in Virginia in just the next series of elections. Whoever in the GOP who gets out in front of this Paulistinian juggernaut can write their own ticket to the political office of their choice.

    I think that getting these thousands of Paulistinians officially into the Republican ranks could reverse the GOP’s losing slide, but the news isn’t really that bad for Democrats, since Paulistinians are not so closed minded as their Neocon predecessors, Paulistinian style candidates would be far easier to work with on common ground issues. We would even get RTAs and abuser fees repealed! Also, since Paulistinians support local control of schools, places like Richmond could promptly implement that pre-K program that Toll Road Tim has been pining for. With all of that money we save on not going to war everywhere, many of the social programs could get funded at the local level.

    I do not fear the Paulistinian led reforms. I see the most likely outcome would be a lessening of power by Big Brother federal government and perhaps even more programs created and sustained by local governing entities. The best part is that the citizens would not have to fear their government anymore.

  4. The question is, “will the Virginia Republicans get the point?”

    The obvious answer is “NO” they won’t.

    The Regional government run by unelected (directly elected by the taxpayers) unacccountable people who can raise taxes as high as they want, anytime they want, has sunk the Virginia Republican Party.

    Virginia Conservatives, the real conservatives no longer consider the Republicans a viable choice for a vote.

    RPV is dead in the water and no idea of what direction to go. They say one thing but do another.

  5. “The real interesting part of this story to me is what will the Paulistinians do afterward?”

    Clarisse, I’ve written on exactly this topic.

    “The question is, ‘will the Virginia Republicans get the point?'”

    Teach, I, for one don’t care much whether Republicans get the point. Nor Democrats. It’d be just great if any politicians did get it, but what really matters, IMHO, is if the citizens, of Virginia and of the USA, get the point. The sooner we realize that the Democrats and Republicans are not the antidotes to one another, the better.

  6. So, because Ron Paul supporters “Packed” the gathering their votes are thrown out…. and when they (American Citizens dedicated to their candidate by choice not by force right?) “Pack” the primaries (because you KNOW they will be there) and the election come November we have to throw their votes out then too, right?

    I’m sorry I just don’t understand how that works.

    I thought that was the point of these “straw polls” for the supporters of certain candidates to get off their butts and show America that their candidate has a chance, right??? I mean stop me if im wrong maybe I have misinterpreted the point of these things, I am only 20. Oh, I know it must be the people who just wander by and realize a straw poll is going on and say “Hmmm ya know I think I will vote in this thing.” I mean do you really think that if you printed a story that said “Ron Paul supporters showed up while other candidates supporters seemed to have something better to do” that anyone would have anything to say to that? How could they??? The results are evidence. No you had to be like EVERY other reporter and throw everyone off by trying to explain away Ron’s support. Thats what it is right? Support? No one is holding guns to these people’s heads forcing them to go out of thier way to support their candidate. And whats stopping ANY other candidates’ supporter from coming to the poll? Was there a limit? Again I will admit I don’t know everything about these things but I am quite sure that whatever any Ron Paul supporter did the supporter of other candidates could have done the same. It wasn’t unfair it wasn’t bias so you just had to make it so… sad really.

  7. I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.

    –Thomas Jefferson, 1820

    So…. You have this quote on your page yet refute a true Jeffersonian Candidate?? This is Ron Paul’s platform at the bottom of your page. Looks like someone sold out their true beliefs…. hmmm

  8. Elsewhere, someone compared these Paultards (works so much better than Paulistinians, doesn’t it?) with the LaRouche folks. And really, I can read most of these posts in the same shrill voice that I get from the LaRouche-bots on the street corner.

  9. Rubbish, MB. You are just trying to spread more of that Neocon BS where they are desperately trying to marginalize the hugely popular, Congressman Ron Paul. Go to and watch the Youtube clips and you will see that this man is sincere, consistently in support of the Constitution and has a long term voting record as a Republican in the House of Representatives. Ron Paul has the qualifications to be President and the Neocons and some Democrats inside the beltway are scared that this movement will take away some of their play toys by scaling back un-Constitutional government programs.

    I think that when regular citizens on both sides of the political aisle really examine this concept of moving government back to within its Constitutional limits, both Democrats and Republicans will find many common ground issues that will make them want to join the Paulistinians. With more freedom and LIBERTY, all Americans will have greater opportunities to prosper. With the return of local control of most big government programs, more resources will actually reach the citizens who need the help.

    View the clips at and you will want to join the Paulistinians, too!

  10. Thanks for the compliment, blewsdawg!

    MB– when someone doesn’t have a sound argument, they often resort to name-calling and insults in the vain hope that they will make the “other side” look bad. It seems like that time has come on this blog on the part of those who don’t know/can’t think of any arguments against the good doctor, Ron Paul.

  11. Socialists do not like our Constitution — the federal government has only specific, enumerated powers, which is antithetical to the socialist ideals.

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