Wes Clark conference call for Hillary

Wesley ClarkRetired General Wesley Clark just completed a conference call on behalf of Hillary Clinton. To say that the general is a Clinton supporter would be an understatement: Clark literally gushed with his enthusiasm for Clinton, calling her “incredibly gracious and warm, personable and candid” and “a tremendous intellect.” He also called her “incredibly bright, intuitive and decisive.”

Hillary ClintonGeneral Clark said he has known Clinton since 1983, when she was the first lady in Arkansas. He met her at a conference, which she attended as the stand-in for husband, then the governor. He said he watched her emerge as the leader of the group. Since then, he has watched her participate in various events and has seen her in troop visits. Clark repeatedly said that Clinton is the most experienced candidate in the race, saying she has “seen and done it all.” He believes that she understands issues even better than John McCain. In response to a question about the events in Pakistan, Clark said Clinton was the one who put out a great statement and continues to speak about the issues in the region. He denounced the comments made by Obama advisor David Axelrod yesterday as “outrageous, fallacious, and way over the top.”

Clark has campaigned for Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire. He said that the ground game is very well organized. He admitted that the Clinton campaign started behind in Iowa but the Des Moines Register endorsement has really helped the campaign. He reminded us that Iowa is a state where no major posts have ever gone to a woman; nevertheless, he expects Clinton will be strong there. The race in New Hampshire has tightened up but Clinton will do well. He said he’s not “overconfident, but confident” in Clinton’s chances and called her “the greatest candidate.”


After General Clark left us, one of the members of the national headquarters staff came on the line. The HQ is in Arlington and she said they still need help there. For those outside of the area, the campaign website provides for online calling tools.

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13 thoughts on “Wes Clark conference call for Hillary

  1. I don’t know if he would have won any states he didn’t, Jack, but I would at least agree that he wouldn’t have done any worse than he did with John Edwards on the ticket.

  2. Out of deference for Vivian, I will limit my comment to you TRM. That’s some right wing screed reprinting operation you have over there.

    If George Soros is so busy, I wonder why you don’t have any more evidence than the words of Ann Coulter and other ‘lights’ of the right.

    I might be back to your blog to comment. It was almost funny it was so foreign to me.

  3. TRM. Totally Clark in office with Hillary. I mean, they need a military man to help run the operation when they come to take away your guns and force you to learn Spanish, no?

  4. Hi Mark,
    I prefer “truth pipeline” but reprinting operation is ok if that’s what your comfortable with, although I do write my own pieces as often as possible… we can’t comment on every thing can we?
    Soro’s, like any good business man has “delegated” his poisoned work…
    Before you get too chuckly, make sure to open your mind to the possibility that liberalism is a disease, but a curable one. Your opinions are exactly the ones I encourage over at D=S, granted they are not childish, codepink blather…

    Hi MB,
    Clark’s military status is debatable at this point, take my guns, force me to learn spanish? Hell, force me to do anything is a longshot. I assume you are being sarcastic, to put such a statement forth as serious puts you in my “book of idiots”.. cheers! 🙂

  5. OMG, TRM, I’m in your *book*? That is so cool. Anyway, you are so right. Clark’s being NATO commander couldn’t possibly compare to all your time on the paintball fields (hey, did that blue ever wash out of your camo? sucks, no?). Anyway, when the socialists come, I’ll be sure to call you.



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