Waldo gets some love from the Pilot

Waldo Jaquith is getting some well deserved recognition from the MSM regarding his creation of Richmond Sunlight. In today’s Virginian Pilot, an editorial says what we’ve known all along: bringing sunlight to the legislative process is a good thing.

Jaquith’s Web site replaces befuddlement with knowledge. He deserves credit for making the legislative process more public, more accessible, and more accountable.

Yes, he does. Thanks, Waldo! Oh, and in case you missed his post today, Waldo has now added Google maps on each legislator’s page to show where their district is located. Cool beans!

5 thoughts on “Waldo gets some love from the Pilot

  1. This really is an amazing advance, far better than any other way of keeping track of G.A. bills. We all owe Waldo our sincere thanks.

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