Opinion, please: Obama’s “Harry and Louise” mailer

Paul Krugman, of The New York Times, made us aware yesterday of a mail piece being sent out by the Obama campaign on healthcare. Via Ezra Klein, I discovered that TPM has scans of the piece and there I found the link to the YouTube video from the original ad.

The mailer was briefly discussed on Bill Maher’s show last night. (I have to admit that I’ve stopped watching Maher because a) he’s turned into a misogynist jerk and b) gratuitous use of foul language just isn’t funny.) Outside of NLS, the VA blogosphere has all but ignored this, perhaps because, as I alluded to in an earlier post, many of them are too young to remember what the 1990s were really like.

There are those who think that this mail piece was a horrible error on the part of the Obama camp and, in fact, has provided fodder for the Republicans to use in the fall campaign. Others are not so sure.

What do you think?

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44 thoughts on “Opinion, please: Obama’s “Harry and Louise” mailer

  1. Anon, you assume Clinton and Obama can win over these groups just because they happen to be apart of them. Obama has gotten a third or better of females in a three-way race in each contests. Now its down to two, and women lining up behind Hillary is not happening. Had Bill not tried to use the southern strategy to try and torpedo Obama in S.C, Hillary would be getting much more black support as well; as evidenced by months of consistently high performance.

    HRC is easier to defeat.

  2. I have a feeling that if either of these two, Clinton or Obama, get elected, there will be a lot worse things than Butt Puckering going on… Just my thoughts, but – Ewwwwwwwww

  3. Yes, I am assuming that women would like to see a woman in the White House, and Blacks would like to see a Black in the White House. My point is, if that affinity of the voters is enough to switch some of them to voting Democratic from either voting Republican or not voting at all, Clinton simply has many more voters available to move because her affinity group is larger than Obama’s.

    Yes, it is an assumption, but I think it is the safe one for Republican strategists to make.

  4. I disagree. Blacks will vote democratic. But women are more fickle in their electoral support. Many women find Hillary as polarizing as men, while not as bad though. If she is the nominee, i hope you are right, Anon.

  5. AEM – the YouTube video was the original ad, for comparison. Ian – what about the blacks that voted for Bush? Or haven’t you talked to any of them? I have. BTW – just keep on repeating the Republican talking points, and doing their work for them.

  6. I don´t know if women outside the Democratic Party primaries cares about voting for women. One thing is a woman like Janet Napolitano and Kathleen Sebelius that people associates to positive female characteristics, another a woman that people sees as somekind of Disney villain.

    Sorry, Vivian, for attacking your candidate. 😉

  7. The republican talking points happen to be true this time! As for blacks who voted for Bush, my grandmother was one of them. As well as 4 or 5 I know of, they all happen to be supporting Obama this time. But they were still only 9-12% of the blacks who voted for republicans, a solid democratic block by any means. It’s not a very popular thing for black folks to admit they voted for Bush in any case.

    Andken, sure you would have a bit of rep. women crossing over to vote for Hillary, but not equal to the democratic men who would vote against her. It’s not a woman can’t be elected issue, it’s a Hillary Clinton issue.

  8. OK — I thought Obama made a new one, but he’s just digging up the old one from the political graveyard. No wonder it stinks.


  9. A reminder to those who discounted Vivian’s analogy of driver’s insurance. How about this one. Children cannot enter school unless they are vacinated. It is mandatory for the health of all children.

    The burden of health care costs (including insurance) are the major cause of bankruptcies in the US. Mandatory health insurance will make the delivery of healthcare more equitable and affordable for all in the US. I lived in Canda and healthcare there is just fine!

  10. Oh, there’s all sorts of analogies, Sleepless. We all have to pay for the military, for retirement plans, etc. Mostly, the Obama-Clinton fight on this point is a matter of semantics.


    Mouse, I’m not sure you really want to get into the where’s and why’s of people’s presence, unless you’re prepared to find out that you’re here mostly because you’re a source of amusement (tho’ I’ll grant that a fair number of folks have found that the humour runs rather thin these days).

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