Senate kills homestead exemption

The only bills left to provide tax relief for homeowners was killed today by the Senate. In a 21-19 vote, Senate Republicans, joined by Democrats Chuck Colgan and Phil Puckett, sent HJ4 and HB11 back to the Senate P&E committee. From the Senate Democratic Caucus press release:

House Joint Resolution 4 passed the House by a vote of 96 – 0 and passed through the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections by a vote of 11 – 4.

House Bill 11 passed the House of Delegates by a vote of 99 – 0 and passed through the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee 14 – 1.

All six Republican Senators on the committee voted for HB 11 in Committee.

The bill was re-committed to that Committee on Senator Ken Stolle’s motion with Senators Stephen Martin (R-Chesterfield), Ken Stolle, Mark Obenshain (R-Harrisonburg), Harry Blevins(R-Chesapeake), Ralph Smith (R-Botetourt) and Jill Holtzman-Vogel (R-Faquier) all changing their votes on the floor of the Senate to kill the bill.

While it was the Senate Republicans who brought this up, had the Senate Democrats remained committed to passing this legislation, it would have happened.

Somebody needs to have a chat with Colgan and Puckett.

7 thoughts on “Senate kills homestead exemption

  1. This measure was aimed at the wrong people….the working poor and middle class. If it had been about Dominion or another GOP favorite, it would have been a-ok. The rich get the lion’s share, the rest of us get the crumbs. For reference, see: Virgil Goode.

    Contrast this with the so-called ‘death tax’, or estate tax to rational human beings. Purely for the benefit of a very limited constituency.

    I wish I was kidding.

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