Extra innings

I wonder if the proprietors of 7 West plan to restart their Extra Innings blog this year? Because that’s where we are headed. The General Assembly will be reconvening on April 16. Governor Tim Kaine has already put out the beginnings of his schedule of town hall meetings. They kick off next week and will continue through the reconvened session. (The governor will stop in Hampton Roads Wednesday, visiting Warwick High School in Newport News from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.)

Transportation will, no doubt, be at the top of the list to be dealt with in the extra session given last week’s decision. Monday’s Virginian Pilot included an article about a meeting held Sunday afternoon that would put the power to tax in the hands of each locality, rather than the transportation authorities. But The Shad Plank reports that an effort by Del. Bob Marshall to introduce transportation legislation this week was shot down.

The other thing that may be on the agenda is the budget. Will the General Assembly get the budget done before the end of this week? I have my doubts.

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