MN smoking ban: “All the world’s a stage”

This is just too funny:

All the world’s a stage at some of Minnesota’s bars. A new state ban on smoking in restaurants and other nightspots contains an exception for performers in theatrical productions. So some bars are getting around the ban by printing up playbills, encouraging customers to come in costume, and pronouncing them “actors.”

Gotta love the caption from the photo:

An “Act Now” button (purchased for $1) identifies Courtney Conk as an “improvisational actress”, allowing her to light up a cigarette at the Rock Nightclub on “theater night” in Maplewood, Minn., Wed, March 5, 2008. (AP Photo/Janet Hostetter)

7 thoughts on “MN smoking ban: “All the world’s a stage”

  1. Brilliant.

    We have a smoking ban in Ohio… Started last year. I am torn. I hate seeing the government telling businesses what to do, but I do not miss the smell on me when I leave bars…

    it is however hurting business in Southern Ohio as most people just go to Kentucky across the river. Central and Northern Ohio have not seen a drop in business, but also have NOT seen a rise in business as promised by advocates and The Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation (

  2. For years I told my wife to quit smoking, but to no avail. Then one day her doctor told her to stop or she was going to die. That was that. She quit right there on the spot. Now she can’t understand what the appeal was in the first place.

    But even when she did smoke, she agreed that non-smokers shouldn’t be exposed to it. So try as I may, I just can’t sympathize with these people.

  3. has anybody gone to see when a high school lets out .how many children light up, let’s start working on real problems like people killed in east ocean view.

  4. Chris – sorry your post got hung up in my spam filter.

    If restaurants want to be non-smoking, there is nothing stopping them. As one legislator told me, some restaurant owners want to do that but fear the loss of customers to restaurants that allow smoking; therefore, they want the government to step in. I think that is cowardice on their part.

  5. Cowardice it is, but it’s very important information to have when the antismoking jihadis try to claim bans enjoy wide support “even among smokers”. Hooray for Minnesota–their resistance is just the type of thing our country needs right now.
    If there were enough nonsmokers that wanted smokefree bars, such places would already exist.

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