Fake NC ballot


via Corrent:

A previously unknown PAC is distributing pre-marked ballots identical to those used in the North Carolina primary. They aren’t marked as “Sample Ballot” but actually carry a header that says “Official Ballot”.

They’re so convincingly real that some voters have turned up at early voting sites and tried to submit them as-is. Complaints to the State election board and DOJ have been ignored.

The PAC is so new that it hasn’t made any filings with the state, so there’s no way to know who they are or where their money is coming from, but a quick look at the fake ballot may provide some clues. Just guessing, but this is probably not from Hillary’s people.

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7 thoughts on “Fake NC ballot

  1. Oh please, not sophistry, not from you Vivian.

    This was obviously a sample ballot produced by some unsophisticated people who are new to the game. “The PAC is so new that it hasn’t made any filings with the state . . .”

    These kinds of mistakes are made by inexperienced people new to activism. I could point to similar mistakes made by Clinton activists, but why bother?

    Don’t get me wrong, these folks need to be corrected (maybe even punished), for their negligence, but don’t go off the deep end, and don’t pretend that Clinton’s hands are entirely clean in regards to this issue. Just ask Lamont Williams.

  2. RC – two points. One, I have a significant number of NC readers who may or may not be aware that this flier is not official. That’s why I put it up. Two, if you follow the links before jumping to the defense of the PAC, you might learn that the folks thought to be behind this are not new to politics.

  3. So what is it that you think is happening? The experienced folks behind this think that they’ll be successful in having unsuspecting voters show up and pass these ballots off as real? How would they not notice when the people at the polls give them the real ballots? I’m not quite sure how this is supposed to work if it’s a conspiracy to steal the election rather than a stupid mistake.

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