VA Delegation to Denver

DNCC LogoThe DPVA has released this list of delegates to the National Convention in Denver. It’s an interesting list and should be an interesting time for all of us.

Not included on the list are the folks who will be attending for other reasons, such as members of the committees (Platform, Rules and Credentials) as well as the pages. Among the pages is another blogger, Kenton Ngo, of 750 Volts.

Oh, and congrats to Johnny Camacho, who will be attending the convention as a part of the blogging corps. Counting him, it seems that at least 7 VA bloggers will be there, which should make for some really interesting coverage.

2 thoughts on “VA Delegation to Denver

  1. Congrats to Vivian and all the members of our delegation.
    It will be an interesting and historic time for my fellow delegates.

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