200+ Men political forum: race and politics

The Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men, Inc. is hosting a political forum entitled “A Conversation about Race and Politics.” From the press release:

Is America ready to elect a black as president? That’s the question on the minds of many right now — regardless of their ethnicity, party affiliation, socio-economic status, or whatever. It is center stage or sub rosa in much of the media’s current political punditry, the topic of dinner-table conversations and water cooler chit-chat.

That’s because, for the first time, a black man, Barack Obama, is the presumptive presidential nominee of a major political party, and is considered to have a real shot at the White House.

So let’s have an honest exchange of ideas about where the country stands and where we mig be headed.

The event will be held Saturday, July 19 at St Patrick Catholic School in Norfolk, with refreshments being served at 9am and the political forum beginning at 9:30am. Moderated by Gary McCollum, the panelists for the forum include:

  • Raymond H. Boone, editor/publisher, Richmond Free Press;
  • Beatriz Amerman, President, Virginia Latino Advisory Board;
  • Thomas J. Shields, Director, Center for Leadership in Education, University of Richmond;
  • Rudolph Wilson, political science professor, Norfolk State University;
  • Susan Kelly, CEO, Jo-Kell, Inc. and a recent political candidate from Chesapeake; and
  • Yours truly

The event is free and open to the public. For further information, contact 200+ Men.

Hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “200+ Men political forum: race and politics

  1. I don’t know if this is the place for this, but, how about that Obama vote for FISA at the same time Clinton votes against it? On the day Ted Kennedy comes back to the Senate, he votes for FISA.

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