I’m back!

I’m home. I’m exhausted, my legs are swollen beyond recognition, and my blood pressure is inexplicably up. Hopefully, I’ll get some sleep tonight and get some posts up tomorrow.

In the meantime – who the heck is Sarah Palin? Talk about a pick from out of nowhere.

Absolutely coolest moment of this trip: meeting a member of the Hungarian Parliament at the Denver airport who had traveled to the convention.

20 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. McCain picked Palin for ONE reason, and one only, to get the “overturn Roe v. Wade” crowd on his side. Why folks want the government inside a woman’s uterus is beyond me, but they must find it seriously fascinating, because they’ve been trying to invade the uterus of every American woman for a long, long time. So, I got rid of mine. I hear tell it’s flexible, but I don’t think it’s THAT flexible!

  2. Akesling- It must be very reassuring to so fully understand the mean and trivial motivations of those who disagree with you. Now you can dismiss them as unworthy of a reasoned debate.

    Pro-life people may disagree with you on when life begins, but if you would climb down from your high horse for a moment and talk to them, you would understand that they sincerely believe that there is no difference between an unborn fetus and an infant. Agree or not, when you accept that is what they truly believe, you will understand their passion and persistence and when you think about what you might do if you saw someone preparing to murder a child, you will realize they are truly tolerant and non-violent people.

    Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them evil or inferior.

  3. And everyone knows if you replace Palin with Obama, it would be wrong. Obama has never been Governor of Alaska or Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

    That’s right Mark, Obama has never been Governor of Alaska or Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Obama can’t even come close to the experience of running a state and you want this guy to be our President! What a joke.

  4. You’ve have thought that Republicans would have learned their lessons about desperately trying to will an alternate reality into existence. But it seems not. So we’re going to continue to get things like Don’s creepy posts and these gobsmackingly stupid assertions from rlewis.

    (and of course, the response to my post will just be that I am so afraid of McCain’s brilliance that all I can do is attack someone personally. It’s really a nifty little closed circuit they’ve created for themselves.)

  5. Vivian,

    It was fantastic seeing you in Denver; same goes for you, Mark!

    BTW, Vivian, the photo that I had taken with you at the Big Tent is now posted at my blog, in case you were looking for Christmas card ideas.

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