Griffith doesn’t know Kaine

I saw the article in Thursday’s Virginian Pilot regarding the chaplains who resigned over an edict issued by the State Police superintendent regarding nonsectarian prayers. I just scanned it and kept on going. Later in the day, as I was catching up on my blog reading, I ran across a link to the Washington Post story. Both make mention of a statement from Virginia Republicans, “blasting” Gov. Tim Kaine for the policy. I found a copy of the press release here.

“With one misguided action, the Kaine Administration has put the chaplains in an impossible position,” noted House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith (R-Salem).


“For those of us who understand the importance of religion in American life and value the free expression of religion as one of our essential rights, the Kaine Administration’s directive is disappointing and disheartening,” Delegate Griffith remarked.

Whoa! Did I miss something? The Washington Post reports:

In a statement, Col. W. Steven Flaherty, the State Police superintendent, said he asked chaplains to offer nondenominational prayers at department-sanctioned public events but that the request does not apply to private ceremonies or individual counseling.

Flaherty said his decision was in response to a recent federal appeals court ruling that a Fredericksburg City Council member may not pray “in Jesus’s name” during council meetings because the opening invocation is government speech.

OK, the federal appeals court made the ruling and Flaherty is just following the ruling. How the House Republican leadership made the leap to blame it on Kaine just doesn’t make sense. Got a problem with the ruling? Take it up with the court. And Delegate Charles W. “Bill” Carrico, Sr. (R-Grayson), who referred to this as an “attack on Christianity” needs to tone down the rhetoric.

Republicans don’t have a lock on Christianity.

UPDATE: Someone just sent me this link. Obviously, they have no clue, saying that the troopers “lost their jobs” and that Kaine is “persecuting Christians.” It’s folks like these who give Christianity a bad name.

6 thoughts on “Griffith doesn’t know Kaine

  1. Vivian–I’ve been so busy I have not taken the time to visit lately….definitely my loss.

    This is a great post. When a chaplain is serving the police dept, the military, etc they are serving a multi-denominational force and they need to have the skills to serve in an inclusive way. This is not their personal church where they should serve to their church’s denominational interests.

    BTW, were you at the Naro on Wed. night? It was great…Jonathen Hutto and retired Col. Ann Wright shared their thoughts and experiences.

    Hope all is well….buzz…buzz….

  2. That’s all you got, Brian? Aren’t you going to try to defend your Republican brethren on this?

    (And what’s up with the gravatar of someone else?)

    Mosquito – good to have you back! Sorry, I wasn’t able to make the Naro thing.

  3. Excellent post Vivian.
    You are so correct- “Republicans don’t have a lock on Christianity”. I am a proud to be both a devout Catholic Christian AND a Democrat.

    I guess whoever wrote that article didn’t read the part in the Bible about “bearing false witness”.

  4. Vivian…

    Keep an eye out…the Naro is bringing in the famous prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi who has written the new book, “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.”

    The Naro is such a great resource for this area….they are really bringing in some great people.


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