Who to contact for inaugural tickets

Well, it ain’t me 😦 I’ve had a few comments on this blog over the last few days (as well as emails thru my Contact Me page) regarding tickets for the Obama inauguration. Folks, I don’t have an inside track on getting tickets. According to this article, you need to contact your Congressional Representative. (Don’t know who your Congress critter is? Check out the link on My Representatives page.)

I do have a question, though, and hopefully, someone out there knows the answer. For those of us in the 2nd, 5th and 11th CDs, do we contact our new representatives (who haven’t been sworn in yet) or the old ones?

UPDATE 7:14pm: promoted from the comments:

The State party has informed us that you can sign up for inaugural updates on the following: http://www.vademocrats.org/page/s/obaminauguration

You can also reach the DPVA 2008 Inauguration phone line at 804-644-1966 X 237

Senator Webb’s office can be reached at 757-518-1674 or email http://www.webb.senate.gov/contact


Speaker Pelosi’s website says to get the tickets will be distributed through members of the 111th Congress.


And please – don’t email me.

8 thoughts on “Who to contact for inaugural tickets

  1. I just called my representative’s office and they directed me to the website to get on the waiting list. But, we are suppose to be able to contact our senator, as well. I can’t find anything on Warner’s site.

  2. Hi, I would like TWO ticke . . .

    oh, right.

    Moran’s site is collecting names for a list, but I suspect the chances are slim. This inauguration will be unlike anything we’ve seen, I think. I have no idea how DC will fit everyone who wants to be there. Maybe loop it out around RFK stadium, over onto Independence, and then Penn. And maybe that will be enough so everyone can get a look and a wave.

  3. I’ll let two people sleep in my living room for $150/piece and provide passes for the mall.

    As soon as I finish the Craigslist ad, I’ll post the link.

    …I’m only half kidding.

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