American Idol 02/18/09: First 3 of top 12

American Idol LogoThank goodness for DVRs 🙂

The first group of 12 contestants performed Tuesday night, with three of the 12 top 12 spots at stake. The top female, top male and third highest vote getter would move on. Interesting, there are a number of fan sites already set up (just Google any of the names) to try to encourage folks to vote. A lot of those sites are going to disappear soon as their contestant falls by the wayside. Ah, but one “fan” site will be around all season: Vote for the Worst 😉

The first to move forward was Alexis Grace. She is definitely one to watch and was, by far, the best female performer last night.

The surprise of Wednesday night’s show was when host Ryan Seacrest brought up Anoop Desai and Michael Sarver. This is, after all, a singing contest, and between these two, Anoop is the far better singer. Nevertheless, the voters chose Michael.

The last pair to brought up was drama queen Tatiana Del Toro and Danny Gokey. After the earlier results, nothing would have surprised me, but it was Danny who made it.

After each of the three groups of 12 perform, 9 of the top 12 will have been chosen. That leaves 3 wildcard spots. I have to think that Anoop will be one of the judges’ favorites who will be invited to perform.