Another council conflict?

Barclay WinnThe headline on today’s Virginian Pilot blares yet another misstep by a member of Norfolk City Council. In this case, the offender is my superward representative, Barclay Winn.

Winn, owner of Winn Nursery, received a subcontract to do landscaping at Town Point Park. Since the contract was not with the City, Winn did not ask for council approval before accepting the job, a “technical violation” of the Conflict of Interests Act. The violation carries no penalty.

Question: why does the violation carry no penalty? What good is the law, then?

Wait – don’t answer that.

Actually, the “penalty” here is a blow to the reputation of one of Norfolk’s most upstanding citizens.

The politics of personal destruction = the way things get done in Norfolk.

4 thoughts on “Another council conflict?

  1. the question isn’t about the violation. The question is whom did Winn tick off.

    This is what I call a “tree” story.

    “Where’d that tree come from?”

    “Why, someone planted it there.”

  2. First, you seem to be mincing the issue of conflict of interest because you like this guy. Would you do the same thing if you did not like him? On the other hand, people need to define when something is and is not a conflict of interest. If he were a subcontractor to a subcontractors, would it have been a conflict?

    Second, what about the people working on the light rail in Norfolk? Fraim is Chairman of the Board of TowneBank. How many contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers have bank accounts and/or loans through Fraim’s bank? This is certainly a much more serious conflict of interest. Many object to this train to nowhere, as Kerry Doughery described it. Perhaps the decisions to push this , expensive, and questionable choice of mass transit due to conflicts of interest?

  3. Actually, Flash, it’s not because I like him. Rather, it is about what Brian refers to. And it is what you are alluding to: that other conflicts may not be handled the same way.

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