Nye joins Blue Dogs

According to The Virginian-Pilot (no link available):

Rep. Glenn Nye, a Norfolk Democrat who rode Barack Obama’s coattails last fall to claim what had been a reliably Republican seat in the House, moved last week to reassure voters that he’s a fiscal conservative.

As the new administration touted a budget plan that includes record deficits — at least in the short term — Nye joined the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of Democratic lawmakers whose calls for budget restraint have sometimes made them a thorn in the side of party leaders.


“The Blue Dogs share my focus on restoring fiscal discipline, maintaining a strong military, and rebuilding our economy through investing in our small businesses,” Nye said in a statement released by his office.

I hope no one is surprised by this. I certainly wasn’t. During the campaign, I heard Nye say that he supported extending the Bush tax cuts, even though Obama was campaigning on — and has proposed — doing away with them.


In other news, the Pilot reports that Rep. Nye will hold a small business tax workshop Friday at 11am at the Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development (222 Central Park Avenue). The workshop, which will feature three people from the IRS, will focus on the new tax laws.

4 thoughts on “Nye joins Blue Dogs

  1. Their next big vote will come with the Employees Free Choice Act. Labor swarned this state with boots on the ground and money in the coffer to help Nye, Periello, and also Mark Warner. In Hamnpton Roads alone we knocked on close to 30,000 doors during this election and did thousands of mailers and phone calls. Unfortuantely the war has started with the Chamber Of Commerce and the word has gone out to those representatives and Senators that we worked extremely hard for and that word is they will be on their own if they vote against this legislation. This is me speaking as a union member not as a Democratic official. Vivian as you know we unions do not issue false warnings and we stick by our guns, now let’s see if those elected will stick by their’s and what they indicated to the unions.

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