4th Annual Bash roundup

Memorial Day BashSome 100 Democrats (and a couple Republicans 🙂 ) gathered in my backyard Saturday afternoon for the 4th Annual Memorial Day Bash.  The event drew candidates, electeds and activists from throughout Hampton Roads.

Bash 09The weather once held once again. Somebody is looking out for me up there 🙂 Hard to believe we’ve managed to have this event for four years and have yet to see a drop of rain.

Jody WagnerComing early and staying late was LG candidate Jody Wagner.  And yes, she brought popcorn 😉 To the surprise of many early arrivals, acting as ticket taker was none other than Del. Lionell Spruill, Sr., who, with his chief of staff, Susan Rowland, pitched in and helped out tremendously.

Sens Mame Lock & Yvonne MillerThe topic of the day was transportation. I heard it first from my family, who drove over from the Peninsula to help out.  Senator Mamie Locke braved the HRBT to come over. Friends coming in from Arlington and Cumberland County found the traffic nearly unbearable.  My phone rang mid-afternoon and it was our other LG candidate, Mike Signer. He simply could not get out of NoVA – traffic was just that bad. His campaign did have a staffer on site, though.

Del. Lynwood LewisI guess the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel wasn’t too bad, though. Del. Lynwood Lewis, whose district includes part of one precinct in Norfolk, said the trip was fine.

Deeds rep, Del Lionell Spruill Sr, Susan RowlandUnbeknownst to me until after the introductions, gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds had staff there. The Senator was in another part of the state on Saturday and was unable to attend.

AG candidate Steve Shannon, who braved the traffic last year, was unable to attend this year. He had a good excuse: his third child, Owen, was born on Friday. Congrats to Del. Shannon on the new addition. His surrogate, Nick Kessler, was available to answer any questions about the campaign.

Brian MoranDaun Hester & Jody WagnerFresh off his third place finish in his first pie eating contest, gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran joined us.  Also getting in before the introductions was Norfolk councilwoman Daun Hester.

The number of electeds and candidates present Saturday made taking a group picture nearly impossible. Talk about herding cats 🙂  Here’s about the best that I could find.

Bash 09 Electeds & Candidates

L-R: Norfolk House candidate Lionell Spruill, Jr., former Del. Howard Copeland, VB School Board member Patrick Salyer, Portsmouth Sen. Louise Lucas, former VB mayor Meyera Oberndorf, Del. Bobby Mathieson, VB Senate candidate Jeffrey Breit, Norfolk Del. Kenny Alexander, gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran, NN House candidate Robin Abbott, ES Del. Lynwood Lewis, Newport News Sen. Mamie Locke, LG candidate Jody Wagner, NN House candidate Gary West, VB Del. Joe Bouchard, VB School Board member Brent McKenzie, Chesapeake Del. Lionell Spruill, Sr. Not shown: Norfolk Councilwoman Daun Hester, Norfolk Sen. Yvonne Miller

Rep. Bobby ScottOur scheduled speaker for the event was my congressman, Glenn Nye. Somehow, the event got placed on his calendar for Monday instead of Saturday. We were fortunate, however, to have Congressman Bobby Scott stop by and offer his remarks on this historic year in Democratic politics.

There were a lot of things going on, both in Hampton Roads and around the state, over the Memorial Day weekend. I am glad that so many took the time to come by.

A big shout out to Jason, without whom this event would not be possible. Thanks also go to Ann, Rita, Mary, Helen, Jeanette, Nena, Butchie, Tonya, Mark, Susan and Lionell for making this event a success.

Bash 09

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  1. Did not understand the state party having a grassroots training on a holiday weekend, we got to do better. Besides, Vivians party is the best grassroots event in town!

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