Norfolk group gets signatures, now up to Council

In less than a month, a Norfolk group has obtained 5,000 signatures in its efforts to overturn a council decision that would allow a developer to build an apartment complex in Highland Park.  Among those signing was council member Barclay Wynn, who voted against the proposal.

“What the council did was wrong,” he said. “The neighborhood clearly does not want this.”

It will be interesting if council does overturn its decision.

UPDATE: According to this article, it appears that council will overturn the decision.

3 thoughts on “Norfolk group gets signatures, now up to Council

  1. I live in Highland Park and signed this petition. The neighborhood is zoned for single family dwellings, and the parking as it is now is hellish. Just add 21 apartments with students living 2 or 3 or more to an apartment and just see how impossible it will be for residents to park near their houses.

    1. The zoning laws are merely the excuse the Council uses to get people to come to them hat-in-hand to get anything done. Palms get greased, campaign contributions are made, and the zoning is changed to suit the greasy contributor.

      (I also blame zoning laws for many drunk-driving accidents — when you could crawl home from the corner pub, who drove?)

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