Amundson retires

Kris Amundson and Bob BrinkI certainly didn’t see this coming. In a letter to constituents today (pdf) she cites the economy as a motivating factor.

In a brief phone call, she told me she absolutely loved being a delegate, calling it a “great, great gig.” She says she is going to stay involved.

As I expressed to her, I am sorry to see her leave the legislature. My best wishes for her in the future.

UPDATE: Del Amundson posts on her own blog.

3 thoughts on “Amundson retires

  1. Shocking! I never heard of such a thing – quitting a political job because it was too expensive? Where is Ken Plum the Caacus Chair? Couldn’t he have helped her out with the fund raising monies from TMac? or maybe she was just worn out/battered after the June 9th Gubernatorial Primary?
    Will there be another one of those costly special election on the burner this summer?
    I like Scott S. but he is such a “Wonk” – not Mr. Personality but heck as far as I know good husband and father and that means a lot especially after the strange announcements of the past few days.
    Good Luck to everybody concerned!

    1. Kris hasn’t resigned; she just withdrew from the November election. She will serve out her term. There won’t be a special election. Scott Surovell will replace her on the November ballot.

      (Even if she did resign, there wouldn’t be a special election at this point. We’re coming up on November now, and the House doesn’t have a session scheduled between now and then.)

      She’s not quitting because she can’t raise money for an election; she’s quitting because her office is keeping her from earning a living. General Assembly members only make about $18,000 a year because it’s only a 2 month job on paper. In reality, it’s an unpaid, full-time second job the other 10 months of the year.

      Kris isn’t the only member to cite income problems in retiring this year. Clarke Hogan, the Republican in the 60th district, cited problems with his building supply business as his reason for not running again.

      I’m sure we’ll see a lot of Kris Amundson in the future, maybe not back in the General Assembly, but somewhere where she can make a difference.

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