Wakeup call

Chris Graham of the Augusta Free Press has up a post asking what is going on with Virginia Democrats. What he said was what I alluded to in my post almost a month ago. It’s more than just money – and we’ll see that with tomorrow’s report filings. There seems to be lethargy almost everywhere.

Perhaps it is the never-ending election cycle. I know I’m tired and I guess others are, too. Perhaps it is the incessant call to action and requests for money. My email box is constantly full from candidates and campaigns everywhere.

Whatever it is, somehow we’ve got to get it together. (And I find it hard to believe that OFA’s Listening Tour on health reform is the ticket. Yes, I’m still upset about the demise of the 50-state program.) November will be here soon. History isn’t on our side.

We’ve got a lot of work to do, folks.

6 thoughts on “Wakeup call

  1. I wonder what the issue could be? I mean where are all those hard core liberal activists pushing for progress in Virginia? I mean, there’s nothing about the statewide ticket that wouldn’t fire them up and get them going; right?

    Don’t get me wrong, I support this ticket as an alternative to Bob and gang; but I wondered if active activists (you know, the ones that actually knock doors, make phone calls, and give campaign’s life) would give their time and resources.

    You’ve been involved longer, so maybe it’s just the cycle; but I’m pretty sure enthusiasm, or lack thereof, is a factor.

  2. For me, the problem is twofold –

    1) I’m still recovering from last Fall – I worked hard campaigning and spent a lot of mental energy analyzing and stewing over the politics of the Presidential election. I was over the moon excited over Virginia’s results, but I felt like an airless balloon that Wednesday morning and have had very little taste for politics since – and I won’t likely be ready to jump in again until the Fall.

    and 2) as Joel said above, I’ve felt a general lack of enthusiasm for the Democratic offerings this year. I’m an Albemarle Dem and I’ll support Creigh wholeheartedly this Fall, but do I think he can win in a statewide contest against a guy he’s already lost to once? NO.

  3. I have been assured by the PTB that the 50-state program is alive and well. Further, I understand there will be significant field activity soon.

    We’ll see.

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