A step too far


We live in a civilized society, one that used to be the example for the world. Ours was a society that disagreed without being disagreeable. Ours was a society where freedom of speech was tampered by simple common decency.

It seems no more.

It seems that, rather than lead the way, we have decided to follow, engaging in behavior that is generally reserved for third-world countries.

Is this what America has come to?

I don’t really care who did what first. I don’t care whether the target is a Republican or a Democrat, black or white, Christian or Jewish.

This has to stop.


Before someone really gets hurt.

Because if someone gets hurt, the genie is out of the bottle. And we are all at risk.

We are in this together. Violence against one is violence against us all.

Stop it.

42 thoughts on “A step too far

  1. Warren thanks for making my point for me. I actually thin it is closer to 0% involved in the tea party movement, but your 2.8% will suffice. Government is not and has never been our enemy. why do you think the founders wanted government. the efficiencies and deficiences in certain areas of the government is what we should be looking at and seeing if they are effective. Big government, little government, I really don’t care as long as it is efficient government when using my money.

    1. So as long as the trains run on time, you do not care whether the Constitution is being followed or our rights are being violated?

  2. MB – Your hatred has no direction. So I have no practical reason to find you any more personally offensive than I find a small child throwing a tantrum or hurricane blowing down houses and trees.

    Angry arrogance such as yours is simply a danger to be contained and avoided; it leave others no choice except to protect themselves. If a heart is full of violence, then it breeds violence. Eventually, that violence must turn upon its source and anyone near it.

    Your attitude is one reason why limited government works best. The more government we have the more each of us is forced into associations with people determined to treat their fellows like the dirt they walk upon. Such “favors” from government I can best do without.

  3. “I’ve pointed you, Warren, to the most comprehensive explanation you could hope for.” -MB

    I did not ask for a “comprehensive explanation,” MB, I asked for one, single, specific example. I asked for one part of the new Health Care Reform law, any one you want, and an explanation of how what Congress did in that passage falls under one of the specific powers enumerated in the Constitution.

    Why is that so hard? Are you an attorney, or aren’t you?

    1. Warren, you know the answer to this. Despite that, I’m going to point out that the health care reform acts are based in in the power arising from the commerce clause, and if you disagree, well, I don’t particularly care. I’ve not much interest in poorly-informed discussions about the development of Constitutional law since 1803. If you want to be taken seriously, then get a serious understanding of the issue. Until then, you’re beginning to strike me as just as much a bullshitter as Tom.

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