Democrat v. Democratic redux

A reprint of a post of mine from November 2006. Seems some folks need reminding. Posting a comment here is a privilege, not a right. And refusing to be respectful to others is one sure way to get banned.

dem·o·crat (dĕmə-krăt) pronunciation

    1. An advocate of democracy.
    2. One who believes in social equality or discounts distinctions in rank.
  1. Democrat A member of the Democratic Party.

[French démocrate, back-formation from démocratie, democracy. See democracy.]

dem·o·crat·ic (dĕmə-krătĭk) pronunciation

  1. Of, characterized by, or advocating democracy: democratic government; a democratic union.
  2. Of or for the people in general; popular: a democratic movement; democratic art forms.
  3. Believing in or practicing social equality: “a proper democratic scorn for bloated dukes and lords” (George du Maurier).
  4. Democratic Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Democratic Party.
    demo·crati·cal·ly adv.

Note the difference. Democrat is a noun. Democratic is an adjective. Now, do I need to define nouns and adjectives as well?

2 thoughts on “Democrat v. Democratic redux

  1. Do you get upset when people call you a “woman blogger,” too?

    That’s one that works on me like nails on a chalkboard. The adjective is “female.”

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