The demise of BlogNetNews

By now, many of you have no doubt noticed that BlogNetNews is no longer accessible. Driving the decision is, of course, money. Dave Mastio, who operated BNN, told me via email last week that the site has been losing enough money of late that it is for sale. In the meantime, it has shut down. He said he may restart it if the economy improves.

The original Virginia political blog aggregator, Waldo’s Virginia Political Blogroll, has remained active throughout. Although I was Virginia editor of BNN, it was at VPL oops VPB that I started my day. Now that it is once again the only game in town (again), I suspect others will be heading there as well.

7 thoughts on “The demise of BlogNetNews

  1. What does the “L” stand for in VPL?

    I always thought it was VPB.

    Oh, and seconded on The Richmonder’s comment.

    1. I did, but never understood them. I just knew if YankeePhil went to Scout camp, I could move up to number two.
      And don’t forget Tom White’s Old Dominion blogs aggregator for more blogs.

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