Long day

I had a lot on my plate today (was at my desk a little after 7am) so I’m playing a little catch up. Some stuff from the weekend and today:

Finally, from the candidate who never fails to amuse, here’s the latest from Alvin Greene

Hope y’all had a good Monday!

9 thoughts on “Long day

  1. Screw Harry Reid. He didn’t have to do that, not to beat a halfwit like Sharon Angle. It just illustrates the bleak choice we’re given – a party that actively uses bigotry for electoral gain, and a party that won’t, yet doesn’t have the spine required to stand up to it.

  2. “Senate majority leader Harry Reid… is apparently willing to say whatever is necessary to get re-elected.”

    We call such people “politicians.”

    “Women in VA earned 80% of what men earned.”

    Half empty or half full?

    “Women and minorities hit hardest by DADT.”

    Certainly not surprised about the women — what types are most likely to be attracted to a military career? The minorities do surprise me.

    “a stay in the Prop 8 case”

    That DOES surprise me, coming from the 9th.

  3. That statement that women earn eighty percent of what men earn is a lie.

    When this and similar claims are tossed about, they always rely on an average of a particular sample.

    When the US Department of Labor examined earnings by gender where the same job and same seniority in that job were compared, women were almost always paid more than the men in those same jobs.

    It is typical for the media to parrot a misleading, indeed meaningless figure to promote the myth that American women are regularly paid less for supposedly equal work.

    In Hampton Roads, many of the jobs are government related, so those positions are a matter of public record. Anyone can look-up a particular position and see that anyone who holds that job will get the same amount, regardless of who they are. Private companies keep compensation packages confidential, so surveys rely on industry association research and self disclosed salary figures.

    However, when the known figures are compared, by job and seniority, the result is that women in America are typically paid more than men for those same jobs.

  4. http://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/forms/opb?

    You can go to the above site and ask the Bureau of Bureau of labor to report their wage data on a job for job, seniority by seniority basis.

    The Press will always fall for the meaningless “average” and they will not explain to the public that the average contains people who are new to the workforce, who are in and out of the workforce and those who frequently change jobs.

    BLS needs to present the data in a job for job, seniority to seniority basis to more accurately compare wages in our American workforce. When they do that, the Press and some members of the public will be surprised to learn that in the highest paid sectors, women are regularly paid more than their counterparts who are men.

    The most insidious part about the Press reporting that average figure, is that it paints our American employers as being willfully discriminatory, something that reporting the job for job, seniority for seniority figures shows is not the case.

  5. It’s absurd that a proposed mosque in NYC is national news and further a national debate. It’s like we are channeling the French or the Swiss or Europeans generally.

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