The little things matter: my friend Bo

Guest post by Carole Garrison

Sometimes it is the smallest nice things we do that can make a lasting memory for so many other people. Today is the funeral for my friend and neighbor Bo Madlock. Bo and I would often talk about local politics. However most many people knew him as Santa Claus.

When Bo was younger he would often dress up and play Santa at Langley Airforce Base and other parties. I remember he told me about the time the Airforce put him in the cockpit of a plane and pulled him into the kids party. The kids were thrilled. He also had a habit of going to one Christmas party in the neighborhood and on the way home seeing another party at someones house and popping in. Imagine having a party hearing a knock opening the door to another expected guest and there is Santa.

Bo really was quite a character. After he died this week many people were talking about him and a lot of peoples first remarks were of him dressed as Santa. Now this was a little thing he did and once a year but it not only effected people but they remembered it for all their lives.

With our hectic busy lives and turbulent times it is nice when someone takes the time to do some little thing to make others happy. While he had a full life, business and family this little gesture effected so many. It would be nice if we all were like Bo a little of the time. Acts of kindness no matter how small can mean so much to other people.

I know where ever Bo is now he is popping in on people spreading cheer where ever he goes. He will truly be missed.