CNN/Tea Party debate

I might have headed to Portsmouth last night for the debate watch party had I known about it in advance. Then again, probably not. I tend to prefer to watch debates from the comfort – and relative silence – of my own family room. As the debate wore on, I found myself thinking about …

… this:

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  1. I wish I would have thought to ask you, Jim Cohen had an extra ticket at his table. You would have gotten a kick out of the conversation I had with Bob Brown (Norfolk GOP Chair’s Husband) about my working for Northam.

    As far as the diagram is concerned, I think Jon Huntsman fits pretty well in that open space. A few other candidates might as well depending on how pragmatic they are feeling that day.

    1. Another far-right complaining that the whole country isn’t what he thinks it should be.

      Honestly James, do you think the current crop of comedy players that occupy the right are the answer to anything? There are citizens in this country all up and down the spectrum. Do you at least recognize that everyone is at least entitled to their opinions and viewpoints?

  2. JY-
    The cartoonist has a point. There are a few folks who are far left in the Dem Party….Kucinich, etc. They have no power and little influence.

    The far right has become the mainstream of the GOP however, look at the presidential candidates. Bachmann, Perry, Kain, Paul, Santorum—these would all have to be judged “far right”…”Solid right” –Gingrich, I would have put Pawlenty here before he quit. “center right”–Rommey and Huntsman. Huntsman, who’s running as what he is, has no traction with the GOP base. Romney is pretending to be at least “solid right” and hoping the base won’t look to hard at his record. The far rightist are running as just what they are. so the majority of candidates are far right and those who are’t are shading their views to appeal to the far right base.

  3. Obama has been a complete waste for the Democratic party.We had the perfect chance to bring forth real change.In Obama’s time in office he has destroyed what could have been some great gains for the Democratic party.Obama will not win in 2012 not because of the Republicans but for his very on short comings.Hell if Obama had been the same in office as he was on the campaign trail the Republicans would have a chance but he didn’t and he will pay for it come election day.

    1. Spoken like someone who can’t see Obama’s accomplishments for their own blinders about what they “think” should happen.

      Glass half empty, huh?

        1. Mostly, yes. I see no reason to set my hair on fire because he didn’t do what I want him to do. I also don’t believe he should be blamed for someone’s perceived lack of progress, whether it has to do with what he talked about in the campaign, or in his proposals.

          He has gotten a lot of stuff done, and in a very toxic atmosphere.

          Otherwise, maybe you would like President Perry.

          1. Very toxic atmosphere ? Obama had full control for two years and what has it gotten us ? If im going to get pissed on it better not be from a person i helped get elected.Sorry Mark but Obama hasn’t made me happy.If you expect me to just vote for some fool because of the letter beside his name im sorry can’t do that anymore.The unemployement level among Black Americans has went threw the roof since Obama got elected.Sorry Mark but thats not the job he was elected to do.Our people need jobs not another handout the handouts have kept us down to long.We need jobs.

  4. What are the major issues of the “far right”? For the most part, it is that the Constitution means what it says, and that the government should exercise only those powers delegated to it in the Constitution.

    Well, that’s what they stood for 200 years ago, too. Their position has not changed. What has changed is what the left gets the government to do. As the left moves farther left, getting the government to do more and more that the Constitution does not give it the power to do, they get more vocal about how “far right” the right has gotten.

  5. Sammy ~ I know very well what the Black unemployment rate looks like.

    Yes, a toxic atmosphere of attacks with lies every day of the week. That he is Kenyan. That FLOTUS spends millions of dollars on trips. That he is Socialist, Marxist, Maoist, etc. Blocking of legislation just for the sake of blocking it to make POTUS look like a failure.

    “Full control for two years”. Repeal of DADT. No prosecution of DOMA. Auto industry back to health. Dealing with an undeclared $1.2 trillion off the books deficit from Bush, most of it for war. Consumer Protection Bureau. Credit card reform. I could go on.

    I don’t think he is a fool, and no one should vote for a letter next to a name. I think there is too much angst about that which he has not accomplished yet, and too little credit given for everything he has done. Is he perfect? Has he hit all the bases to fix certain problems, such as jobs? No, he hasn’t.

    I am disabled, so the job situation doesn’t hit me as hard. But it hits everyone I know, including most of my family.

    As I said, the alternative to President Obama is too frightening and foreboding. We can’t survive with President Perry or President Romney. The President has accomplished 85% of what he set out to do by some measures. I am content to allow him the opportunity to finish the job.

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