RIP Steve Jobs

I have never owned an Apple product. They simply never fit my lifestyle. Even so, I recognize the value of the vision of Steve Jobs. It was that vision which propelled others to mimic what his company sold, to try to out-do him. His vision became a catalyst for innovation. And for that, I am grateful.

RIP Steve Jobs.


8 thoughts on “RIP Steve Jobs

  1. You use his work actually every day apple products or not. Apple personal computers were the first main stream home computers. Many people now may use windows systems but Apple was the lead , for quite a while, in the market and got this technology out in our homes. They also brought us the mouse, Now they did not invent it they took it from Xerox but still they are why I have 4 of them on my office desk right now. (various computers) The man was great at thinking out of the box and seeing where things could go instead of just changing a little things that already exist. He touched many peoples personal lives and how they do things daily without them even knowing it.

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