Pilot predictions: 4 of 5 (or is that 6?)

The Virginian-Pilot rolled out its House and Senate endorsements Sunday and its Virginia Beach endorsement today.

Of the General Assembly races in which they endorsed, I correctly predicted all four: incumbent senators Locke and Northam and incumbent delegates Villanueva and Barlow. Incumbency is very difficult to overcome, particularly at this level.

The paper did not endorse in the 1st Senate district. So depending on how you count, I’m either 4 for 4 in these races or 4 for 5, since I predicted in that race. I’m counting it as 4 for 4 😉

There is no question I missed the endorsement in the Virginia Beach race. Today’s editorial – as lengthy, by the way, as Sunday’s, which I interpret as a nod to the importance of local elections – makes a good case for the election of Dennis Free, while explaining why the other two candidates – Prescott Sherrod and John Moss – are not acceptable.

As I perused the financial reports for this race, I saw what the editorial board pointed out: the $10,000 contribution to Sherrod from Mayor Will Sessoms and the contributions to Free from various Republican elected officials. This election will be a test of power and is going to be fun to watch.

One thought on “Pilot predictions: 4 of 5 (or is that 6?)

  1. you’re 4 for 4, until the real endorsements come out next Tuesday! I was surprised by the length of the endorsement today. Didn’t read the whole thing yet, but at least he isn’t an anti-light rail guy, from what I did read! That is a plus for the region.

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