Prediction time

With about an hour before the polls close, I guess it’s a good a time as any to start predicting the results.

I’m going with a 20-20 tie. What about you?

10 thoughts on “Prediction time

  1. I’m saying Repulicans take a 21-19 edge. There’s possibility of course for much more than that…but that would require all the close races to break one way. This just doesn’t feel like a wave election to me. Also, I’ve noticed that many people seem to think the GOP needs to pick up only three seats to get to the majority. That’s wrong. At the moment, due to redistricting and retirement they only have 16. They’ll pick up open seats in Southside and Southwest to get back to 18 and then I think they knock out three Dem incumbents.

  2. My worst care scenario is 20-20 and Bill Bolling becomes essentially the most powerful man in Virginia, but it doesn’t stop there, becayse Then Jeff McWaters spends $20 million to become LG and he holds the deciding vote…

  3. Vivian: I bow to your superior predictive powers. Although I was right, off and on, all night Tuesday.
    Max: This should be interesting. When the Senate was 20-20 before, Republicans argued that
    Democratic L.G. Don Beyer could not cast the tie-breaking vote on organizational issues. Perhaps, Norment and Saslaw can swap speeches 1995.

    1. They aren’t making that argument this time. Going into last night, I had it 18-18 with 4 toss ups. I was wrong on one race – thought Dodson could pull off a win in the 22nd. Turns out that race wasn’t even competitive. I didn’t think Dems could win all 4 of the toss ups, only expected 2.

    1. I had Puller winning, although I expected the margin on that race to be less than 10 points. It was just over 10.

      I had Puckett as a toss-up and his margin – just over 6 points – put it in the competitive category

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