A Thanksgiving Thought : Thankful for Museums

One of the things I love the most about this area are the various museums and foundations that have special events and speakers. Often they sponsor well know authors in for lectures and book signings. There are numerous variations in our area giving us the opportunity to learn about military, science, history , animals and much more.  However, a lot of these museums are in financial trouble because of the economy.

Two of the museums which are my favorite are seriously effected by the downturn in economy and lack of donation.

Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe  Going to the Casemate you will hear the history of the Fort Monroe (the Freedom Fort) that has recently been made a National Monument.  The Army left all the weapons and artifacts to keep the Casemate open. You can see where Jefferson Davis was held under arrest after the Civil War. You also can hear of the emancipated slaves and see the various guns / cannons used during the life of the war. The Casemate however was caught in the transition of Fort Monroe financially and they had to lay off two of their four staff. They may now be forced to close if funds can not be found to support it during the process of Fort Monroe getting back on its feet. To help you can send a check to Casemate Foundation PO Box 51341, Fort Monroe, Va 23651 or you can go for a free tour and drop a little money in the box as you leave the museum.

Virginia Air & Space Museum This is a wonderful place if you like Science or Aircraft. They often have speakers from NASA . They also have a large IMAX screen. This Saturday (unless pushed back) they will show the launch of MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) which will lift off this weekend destination Mars. The next space lander (MSL) is due to land  on Mars in August.  The launch is already sold out by people who support NASA and want to see the next lander shot into orbit. Of course the main attraction at the museum is the hands on exhibits and the planes hanging from the ceiling. However, the Daily Press recently reported that they were in financial trouble. It is their 20th anniversary this year.  They are having their annual fund drive. donations can be made to them on-line and they could use it.

I typically go to museums but do not join. This changed this year when I went to the Mariners Museum. I went to hear Linda Greenlaw talk about being a women swordfish captain. She is most know for being the captain of the Andrea Gail in the “perfect storm”. She is also on the show Swords on the Discovery Channel. While I was there I decided to join the museum. It was the fact that I loved going there and that I wanted to make sure they stayed open. They also house the part of the USS Monitor. They always have various interesting exhibits.    They take donations at Mariners Museum.

These are not the only museums of course. But my wish is for anyone that is grateful that these or other museums are around that they consider joining them or giving them a couple of dollars. A small amount of money may not seem like much but when many donate it can become quite a bit and the museums really need it.  I also attend Nauticus , Chrysler Museum and the Virginia Zoo . I don’t know if they are in financial trouble but I am sure if you go there they would appreciate a donation.

Below please add any museum you know that could use help and for which you are glad they are around for you to visit. Maybe if you haven’t visited some like the Casemate now is a good time especially if they are in fear of closing.

Happy Thanksgiving.