Friday fun: at least for me :)

So the big game pitting ODU versus NSU is coming up Saturday and it is, of course, sold out. The game will be broadcast on espn3, which means internet streaming to watch. I’m not a fan of sitting in front of my computer.

So I started thinking about how to get the game to my 65″ TV. First challenge: my TV is a little old so it has only a single DVI input, not even an HDMI input. I’m using a DVI-to-HDMI cable right now in order to use my DirecTV HD DVR. Looking around, I realized that the first thing I needed was some kind of splitter so I settled on this one, which happened to have been available in the Best Buy store locally. I already had an extra HDMI cable hanging around to go from the box to the DVR.

Second thing was to get a streaming source hooked up. To me, the easiest thing to do was to use my BlackBerry PlayBook. It has HDMI output, and I had previously purchased the micro-to-standard HDMI cable.

I hooked everything up and while the picture looked great – honestly, I can’t believe internet streaming looks this good – the sound was coming out of the PlayBook speakers. Having previously hooked up my PB to my bedroom TV without any issues, I was a little perplexed – until I remembered that DVI is video-only. So while the PB was sending the audio signal, there was no way for the TV to play it. The surround sound coming from my DVR is actually going – via an optical cable – to my amplifier.

The only audio output on the PlayBook – besides HDMI – is the earphone jack. I’ll be routing that – via a combination of cables and adapters I already have – to my amp.

I’ll be ready for the big game tomorrow, for sure 😉

I only ventured to Best Buy because I was in the neighborhood. I took my Volvo C70 in this morning for a performance upgrade provided by Volvo via Polestar. It increases the horsepower from the stock 227 to 250. I haven’t noticed the increase yet: I made the mistake of driving the 300hp S60 to Best Buy, which made my 250hp feel slow 😦 Volvo needs to put that T6 engine into the C70. But I’m told the tech who installed it was able to notice the difference immediately.

As the first one to have this performance upgrade installed, I can lay claim to having the fastest C70 in Hampton Roads. At least for a little while 😀

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. My cousin is a senior at UVA and was in town to for Thanksgiving. While he was here, he met my neighbors. Both parents in the neighbor family went to Tech, the daughter played on the women’s soccer team at Tech, and their son is a freshman there. Needless to say, the topic of conversation in our house tended to focus on another rather big football game here in VA on Saturday ….the Tech vs UVA game.

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