Uranium Mining forum by LWV

The Virginia Peninsula MAL League of Women Voters will be having a public forum on lifting the ban on uranium mining. Speakers from both sides of the issue will be presenting and questions will be taken from the public.  Details are:

  • Location: Hampton Convention Center in Hampton, VA 
  • Date: December 11, 2011 @ 3:30 p.m.
  • Speakers:

This is one of the issues that the 2012 General Assembly will be taking up when they are called into session.  This was a topic that was discussed a lot this year in the media because of the sponsored trips to France for a site visit for the General Assembly.  Also it was a frequent topic in the elections debates.  However, it has not been in the media so much recently. That is likely to change this week however as the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report is due out this week.

This has been a controversial issue. Pro people are saying the Uranium Mining will help the economy (example here and here)  .  The other side has voiced concern over possible contamination of water, including the City of Virginia Beach. Also many have voiced concerns over the fear of how it will be regulated.

You can submit questions for the forum in advance here.  You can also see more information on the Virginia Peninsula MAL League of Women Voters website.

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