Wake up, Norfolk

In case you missed the newspaper Wednesday, check these out.

First we have an editorial calling out council for acting on The Palace so quickly:

Perhaps Kenny Bullock is qualified to serve as a manager for his restaurant, The Palace on Plume Street.

But the people of Norfolk don’t know that, because the City Council approved his request to serve as manager of the club without a single word of public discussion.

In other words, business as usual in our fine city.

Even bigger was this story on the separation of school superintendent Richard Bentley. As quoted from the termination contract:

“The board agrees that the termination is an ‘involuntary separation not for cause,’ for internal, VRS and contract purposes. For public relations purposes it will simply be characterized as a separation ‘by mutual agreement.’ “

In other words, they lied.

At some point, the citizens of Norfolk are going to wake up and realize that those elected to represent us aren’t dealing fairly with us. I hope it is sooner rather than later.

2 thoughts on “Wake up, Norfolk

  1. I certainly agree that there needs to be more open communication on most issues. Obviously there will always be some issues that need to be kept in private. Good judgement is needed as to what is not done under the light of public scrutiny.

  2. Hasn’t it always been, “tell an untruth often enough, it becomes the truth.” Just look at those who are running for president. Lie after lie and still people believe what they say. I went to a family party, not too long ago, and the discussion came to President Obama. After I made a pro Obama statement, my sister in law said, “He’s not American! He is a Muslim!! Why would you defend him?” The discussion was over. Say an untruth oftn enough and it becomes a truth.

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