Friday fun: the Central Park test

When I think New Year’s Eve, I always think about Times Square in New York. Being there is on my bucket list 🙂

I have been to Central Park, though, which, for purposes of today’s quiz, is close enough 🙂

You Are Deeply Thoughtful

You believe that there’s an interesting story behind everything and everyone. And you’re fascinated by these stories.

You think a lot about the past. You believe that history has a lot to teach us.

You are original and expressive. You can make poetry out of anything.

You are a spiritual soul who sees into the future. You are also good at interpreting dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Friday fun: the Central Park test

  1. There is an intesting story about Central Park…I saw this on some TV Science channel…I never realized that the whole park is artificial. They can turn off all the waterfalls and streams with valves and the rocks and such were placed there for aethetic reason. Thus, what seems to be an island of nature on the island of Manhattan, is anything but that.

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