Weekend roundup 02/04/12

A quick look at some of the stories and other stuff from the past week.

Scott Rigell disavows tax pledge
2nd Congressional district representative Scott Rigell has stepped away from his no-taxes pledge. Needless to say, there are some folks who are unhappy about that, including two letters printed in today’s paper (1, 2). There’s not much that Rigell and I agree on, but stepping away from the idiotic pledge is one of them. Kudos to Rigell for showing some independence of thought.

Komen vs Planned Parenthood
Over the course of a few days, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation went from one of the most respected organizations to one of the most reviled. It was a PR mistake of epic proportions. No surprise that they backtracked on the decision to continue making grants to PP, but theirs is a brand ruined, because political hacks, including Ari Fleischer, made a poor decision. And, for the record, abortion services represent only 3% of the services provided by PP.

Meanness in the General Assembly
Unless you are a social conservative, the actions so far in the Virginia General Assembly have been nothing short of mean. When conservatives like Kerry Dougherty call you out, you know you’ve gone too far. Between abortion and voter suppression bills, what has this General Assembly accomplished? I feel like Ed Schultz – where are the jobs?

Best joke of the week

6 thoughts on “Weekend roundup 02/04/12

    1. According to PP’s 2009-2010 annual report, they performed 331,796 abortions out of 11,238,414 services (2.95%) given in 2009, and 329,445 abortions out of 11,003,366 services (2.99%) given in 2010.

      Direct quote: “In 2010, Planned Parenthood health centers saw approximately three million patients, who collectively received nearly 11 million services during nearly five million clinical visits.”

      And it says that abortion counts for 3% of services received, not that 3% percent of their patients get abortions.

  1. Planned Parenthood prevents hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of abortions from occurring each year in the United States. Of course in the delusional and alternate reality of the right wing and anti-choice minds, they must be defunded and shut down.

  2. No private charity of any sort should get public money. If the charity is worthwhile, the people will donate to it of their own accord. If the people are not wise enough and knowledgeable enough to decide which charities deserve their money, then they are not wise enough and knowledgeable enough to decide who should decide which charities deserve their money.

  3. Rigell was not showing independence by denouncing his no tax pledge, he’s in a tough re-election campaign and he needs to look a little more like a middle of the road politician instead of what he really is which is a yes man to Cantor.

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