Friday fun: The 1930’s wife

The Republican-led General Assembly wants to effectively ban abortion. Rick “I don’t believe in contraception” Santorum is surging in the polls. An all-male committee in Washington makes decisions on women’s health.

Since they want to drag us back to an earlier time, I figured this little quiz might give the men a clue:

You Would Make a Horrible 1930’s Wife

You are way too non conformist, independent, and sassy to be an ideal retro wife.
You may be so wild that you aren’t even considering marriage! Good thing we don’t live in the 1930s anymore!

I am not surprised. In fact, I’d bet most women would find they would be horrible as well. Would you have been a good wife in the 1930s?

I need to find a quiz that asks if these guys could move into the 21st century. 😦

2 thoughts on “Friday fun: The 1930’s wife

  1. You will be of earlier times, or you will think female homosexuality is the only recourse. The ‘girl power’ of the inoppropriatley exploited womanhood is another route, that will also chain you to the couch.

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