Ron Paul won Norfolk

And Portsmouth. But not Virginia.

With only two names on the ballot, Congressman Ron Paul won 41% of the vote. That’s a whole lot of folks who are dissatisfied with the eventual Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

Or maybe not. Turnout was horrible – only 3.82% in Norfolk and 5.14% in Virginia.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul won Norfolk

  1. Based on that turnout, I wouldn’t care at all about the 41 percent for Paul.
    Do the math and you will see that Paul convinced less less that 1.6% of the electorate to vote for him…

  2. Everything is relative. When you look at the number of votes Romney got and compare it to the probable size of an email list like McDonnell’s and Bolling’s, you have to stop and think about how few people it really was. As for Ron Paul, I was AWOL the last week of the campaign because of a personal matter, but I’m proud to say we won nearly all of the precincts we targeted and pulled out a win in VA-3 where we heavily focused our efforts. Not a bad result for having almost literally no resources from national.

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