Predictions on Pilot endorsements: Norfolk

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when the editorial board met with the candidates for Norfolk council 🙂  I think they should tape the interviews and put them on the web for all of us to see – like the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did with its Herman Cain interview.

In its editorial Sunday regarding Chesapeake, the board mentioned the need for “leadership that includes more people willing to challenge the prevailing views on a variety of topics,” a situation that applies equally to Norfolk, particularly in light of the numerous scandals that our city has faced.

That being said, I don’t expect the board will stray from its “incumbency is the best experience” ideology. In Superward 6, I expect Barclay Winn to get the nod, with some kind words from the editorial board for Jesse Scaccia. In Superward 7, despite the fact that they endorsed one of her opponents for the special election in November 2010, I expect the board to endorse Angelia Williams.

For those who are reading these predictions for the first time, please be advised that they are worth exactly what you are paying for them: nada. They are simply fun to do, and something I’ve been doing almost since I started this blog. I’m not a member of the editorial board nor am I privy to their discussions.

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