Thorne-Begland appointed to the bench

The Circuit Court of Richmond has appointed Tracy Thorne-Begland to the open seat on that city’s General District Court. Thorne-Begland has accepted the appointment.

A couple of things have happened since the House of Delegates rejected his appointment in a late night session.

Legal heavyweights from Richmond, including a Republican former AG, announced their support. The letter (pdf) is brief but the signatures are powerful.

Yesterday, Del. Richard Morris announced a reversal of his opposition. In a 5-page memo (pdf) to the Republican caucus, he lays out why he is no longer in opposition and, in fact, now supports the appointment. He basically destroys any argument against Thorne-Begland – unless that argument is based on him being gay.

Yes, some folks are going to dig their heels in and ignore the Morris memo, but I can only hope they are in the minority. This appointment is temporary: the General Assembly will still have to vote on it next session.

They will get a chance to be on the right side of history. I hope they’ll take it.

Congratulations to Mr. Thorne-Begland!


On a personal note, I really applaud Del. Morris for not only continuing to investigate Thorne-Begland’s background, but having the guts to reverse himself. I guess he really isn’t Mr. Phantom after all 🙂


3 thoughts on “Thorne-Begland appointed to the bench

  1. Thanks Vivian for staying behind this story. I could think of a million reasons why someone shouldn’t be considered for a judgeship but being gay isn’t one of them.

    Kudos to Delegate Morris for political courage and as you said congratulations to
    Mr. Thorne-Begland.

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