ACA upheld

Like hundreds of thousands of others, I followed this morning’s Supreme Court announcements via SCOTUS blog. And, of course, on Twitter.

If nothing else, it was exciting. And for CNN to get the verdict wrong was hilarious but quite sad. Such is the state of journalism today.

Comments are rolling in from the various folks – I’m sure you will have many sources to read them, so I won’t waste bandwidth posting them here. Short version: Democrats are happy, Republicans are not.


SCOTUS has spoken. And Virginia needs to get going on getting its healthcare exchange set up.

If you are interested, here is a reader’s guide to the opinion.

3 thoughts on “ACA upheld

    1. It is truly an historical ruling. For the first time EVER, a Supreme Court ruling overturned itself! First, the Court ruled that the payment is NOT a tax, so the Anti-Injection Act does not apply and the Court can rule on its constitutionality. Then, they overturn that and say the payment IS a tax, so it’s constitutional!

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