On U.Va.

My latest op-ed appeared in Thursday’s Virginian-Pilot. (I have to say – this editorial from Tuesday, which I didn’t see beforehand, really says what I wanted to say. In fact, when I turned in my op-ed to the paper Tuesday night, I titled it “Don’t sing Kymbaya just yet.”)

I figured Gov. McDonnell would reappoint Rector Helen Dragas – and I wasn’t disappointed. (The full release from the governor is here.) Shortly after his appointments were announced, President Sullivan issued a statement along with the U.Va. Faculty Senate.

Lots of singing of “Kumbaya” going on.

I’m convinced more than ever that the business takeover of higher ed will continue to occur. And U.Va. remains a target. Next time, it’s not going to be bungled like it was this time. And I’m betting it happens within the remaining 3 years of Sullivan’s contract.

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  1. It’s truly sad to see partisan politics enter the realm of Virginia’s historic institutions of higher learning. I’m not so naive to believe that politics doesn’t impact our state college system but I really wanted to believe that it was held at bay by those in leadership positions. I was wrong and immensely disappointed. In the instant case, Rector Dragas was dripping with political animus and as such was so blinded by her own agenda that she failed to see her own monumental blunder. And while it was a given that our Governor would reappoint her, she is in fact, political toast. After her current term expires, I suspect she will just fade away. Fact is, the people she hangs with don’t like the kind of light she brought forth on them. In this case, for me anyway; it was a good thing…

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